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    My mom decided to take me to Bath and Body Works today for their Semi-annual sale.  I got Paris Amour and Dahlia Rush (whatever the heck that is).
    She also used a $10 off coupon so it added up to $22.96.   Pretty good right?

    Do you have any of these?  If you do, tell me in the comments or shoot me an email!  I would love to know!


Unique Edgy

    Fall is my second favorite season of the year.  My favorite season is summer but sometimes it gets TOO hot for me.  I'm not allowed to wear crop tops or daisy dukes, although I do prefer crop tops instead of daisy dukes anyway.
    I love to take trends and then make them my own.  For example, leather with denim, or lace with flannel (above).  The first outfit is great for a day when you might be walking around when it is a chilly outside.  If you need a coat, a cropped leather jacket should do the trick.
    The second outfit is something you can wear to school and still be warm.  I am loving flannel right now because they are casual and cute and very warm.  Flat boots make it easy to walk around campus comfortably.  And finally the studded backpack adds some personality!
Kaley Cuoco
Allison Williams
Sarah Hyland
Sofia Vergara
Kerry Washington
Kiernan Shipka
Rose Byrne
Tina Fey
        I have been watching their hit Disney show, Shake It Up, for a couple of years now.  Studying the looks that they wear and getting inspiration from the show is one of the reasons I watch it.

    Not only do I think they are gorgeous, they are also smart and funny.
    Aren't they great?  Here are some outfits I really like:
    Want to try a red lip but not sure how to?  Don't think you can pull it off?  You've come to the right place!

    There have been a lot of horrible red lips that I have seen recently including:
  1. Wrong shade
  2. Too much lip liner
  3. On the teeth (Uh oh!)
Enjoy the pics!



How to

1.      Dab foundation on lips for staying power

2.      Take a lip liner that is the same color as the lipstick and line your lips

3.      Fill in lips with liner

4.      Use either a lip brush or straight from the bottle

5.      Apply lipstick to your lips

6.      Dab off extra on a wipe/towel

7.      Done!

    I have been doing this look for a couple of weeks now and it has not failed me yet!  It's natural and easy and takes very little time in the morning.
  1. I am using this palette that is VERY old but I'm too cheap to go out and get a new one.  The brush is from Ulta.
  2. Take the light brown color.
  3. Sweep it onto the crease.
  4. Now take the dark brown color.
  5. Put that onto the outer corner of the eye and the outer corner of the crease.
  6. Add mascara and you're done!
    I learned this trick about 2 months ago and have been doing it for a month so far.  This technique with VASELINE will grow lashes fast and easy.  You will notice the length the very first day you try it!
  1. Start with clean lashes
  2. Get some Vaseline.  I am using a lip balm Vaseline.
  3. Apply some to a finger
  4. Rub it onto your lashes
  5. Sleep on it at night
  6. Wake up and see the new length!
    This year my mom signed me up for a homeschooling group ('cause I'm homeschooled) and I was thinking what to wear for the semester.  They have a dress code so I can't wear a tanktop with bare shoulders.  Here are some looks I hope to try out. 

    I was wondering if you fabulous readers wanted to vote on what I should wear on the first day!
    But again, I have to keep in mind that they have a dress code.

  Dress Code

Upper body:

  1. No sleeveless shirts
  2. Tops and bottoms must overlap so midriff skin is not exposed, even when sitting or raising arms.
  3. Necklines should not be revealing.
  4. Hats are not to be worn indoors.
Provision for infractions:

Students will be offered an XL t-shirt by the on-site administrator that they will need to wear.

Lower body:

All lower body apparel must be knee-length or longer.
No rips or tears in clothing above the knees.

    Now most of my dresses, skirts, etc. are a little above the knee.  I also like to wear tank tops.  But I will just cover my shoulders with a cardigan, blazer, etc.

    What's so "exposing" about shoulders?
    Anyway, I just got a babysitting job so I am going to get a little more money (for shopping of course!).  So I will go back-to-school shopping. 
    Click on the images to see them bigger.
    So which outfit is your favorite?  Comment Below or email me at

Please have your vote by August 20th.
    Today I was thinking about ideas for my blog.  So about 15 minutes ago, I came up with  "Music Festival outfit ideas" for a post. 
    If you are going to Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc., I recommend that you wear something comfy and with shoes that you can walk 10 miles in.  In case it's windy, I don't recommend a skirt for obvious reasons. Some comfy shorts should do the trick.
    For a top, try something easy and breezy.  It should be lightweight because it will most likely be quite hot outside.
    Tell me what you would wear to a Music Festival.  Email me at, or tell me in the comments section. 
    This post is all about guy's style.  Now I don't normally do posts about this, but I figured in my line of business, I'll have to do it anyway. 
    Let's start with the basics: Do's  and Dont's.
1.) DO wear the basics (white t-shirts, jeans)
2.) DON'T go tight with skinny jeans (let's be reasonable people)
3.) Do stay sharp (special occasion=SUIT)

4.) DON'T sag!!! (pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground...)

What to Wear To...

School: Feeling casual?  Tee and jeans.  Want to dress up? Roll up the sleeves of a collared shirt and tie.
Hanging W/ Friends: Shorts (to the knee) with a graphic Tee and some converse or sneakers.
Date: Clean cut jeans (no rips, holes, etc.) and a simple shirt (add a tie or bow tie for a special dinner)
Weekend:  Chambray shirt and loose shorts



    Hope you enjoyed this!